sabato 26 marzo 2011

Haruki...The Rhythm of Nature *SpringTime Tree" ^.^'

Hi Guys!!
I want to introduce you my new latest Creation... "Haruki... The Rythm of Nature - *SpringTime Tree*".

Haruki is a Dryad of Tree... I've finished her on 17th March and she represents the SpringTime and the Rhythm of Nature, but not only this... I want to dedicate her to Japanese People as a good wish for a new quick, lush and bright rebirth!! With all my Love!

I post here just some pics... you can find MORE PICS HERE

2 commenti:

So Dark So Cute ha detto...

She's very beautiful! Your work gets better and better :-)

LunaMay ha detto...

Thank you very much Sweety!!! ^+^