giovedì 9 dicembre 2010

♥ Forgotten SweetHearts©! ♥

Hi There!
I want introduce You My New & Special Creations.
This is a new Categorie of Handmade Art....
My "Forgotten SweetHearts©" Puppies. There will be...Bears, Cats, Rabbits and more.
They are really Adorable and needy of so much Love...! ♥

This one is Boomer... Little Forgotten SweetHeart© Bear...

More Photos on my Facebook Profile... ^__-

- Designs and Patterns by Laura Laganà© Only The Originals - Handmade

giovedì 2 dicembre 2010

My Doll Alice... Published on a Dolls Magazine! ^O^'

My doll "Alice - The Best Way to Journey is by Hat" ... has been chosen to be published on the Dolls Magazine ...
"LA BACCHETTA MAGICA" - n. 23 page 15.

I'm really Honored and Pride to be chosen among the representatives Italian Artists about "Alice in Wonderland". Thank you!!!

My Creations will be soon on this Magazine again... for the next number too!! Don't loose it, Stay Tuned! ^___-

giovedì 30 settembre 2010

Maryan ... Coral Mermaid ^^'

Yey! I've done!!! I have defeated the computer rebellion :P

The webpage with all the pics of my new OOAK online finally!!

This is Maryan... a Coral Mermaid.
It was an hard work, really a big creation.
Misures: total h. 52 cms including the Crown. Without Crown high 47 cms.
Coral big only: h. 38 cms.
Maryan only: sitting h. 25 cm - with Crown 31 cm.

Everything painted and finished up by hand. Decorated with stones, beads, pearls and artificial foliage simil coral.

I post just some pics but you can find...

mercoledì 29 settembre 2010

Pc & Softwares.... are in Rebellion! !___!'

I'm really Sad & Sorry for this delay to post my new OOAK Creation. I have some problems with my PC.
I had to format it, so now I have to re-install all the softwares and there's some problems with them too. !____!'

I hope to resolve everything soon... Thanks for your Patience!! <3

martedì 7 settembre 2010

New Commissioned Artworks...^__^

Quick update ^__^.
These are some of my new artworks. I've finished them last week...
They are 3 little lovely Pixies that comes from my old idea about. Infact these kind of characters are part of my first works with fimo and polymer clays (some years ago) but now thanks to the experience I have acquired over time, they are more beautiful, more care...and it was so funny to work on them!
They're not OOAK, In fact the people may require to me, with infinite variations of colors an shape of hats. :P

The boxes was painted by me.

This is a Box of Wishes ...with a little sweet Character "PinkyPix":


Another...Box of Wishes with a male character "Dudley"...


And this is... Oscurello... Mystery Pixie!!


martedì 31 agosto 2010

...New Projects! ^^'

ENG: Hi there! I'm still here... Really busy in this last period. In these recent days I would want to update this blog but the Flu has stopped me, so I'm a little bit in late :D ...but... I've a lot of artistic projects to the assets and actually they're all in progress! Then...stay with me! I will post them all....Soon!! ^___-'

ITA: Heilà! Sono ancora quì, veramente indaffarata nell'ultimo periodo, in questi giorni avrei voluto aggiornare il blog ma l'influenza mi ha fermata, per questo sono un pò in ritardo, ma ho moltissimi progetti all'attivo ed attualmente sono tutti in lavorazione! Quindi...rimanete con me. Li posterò presto tutti! ^___-

martedì 3 agosto 2010

Great Disappointment and Sorrow!!

I'm really sad and disappointed.
I Believe that... The W...F Summer Fairy Contest was a fake.
I've totally lost trust in some artistic competitions, above of all those that comes from forums.... 'cause there are always the same results and wins always the same artists.

In this contest the parameters of judgments were not respected:

"Judging will be on concept, attention to detail, pose, the sculpt itself and costuming. It must be a new doll and OOAK. No molds are to be used."

The winner is a doll made surely by a Great Artist, this is not at issue but this Fairy doesn't respect all the parameters, she's:

_ NO SPECIAL DETAILS... only the face, the hands and the feet... Well is difficult to imagine her without.

But the Artist is popular... THAT'S ALL AND THAT'S ENOUGH!!

I'm not a stupid. But I've got some doubts.
I think that maybe this Contest has been done to give visibility to the forum (???).
I think that maybe the Winner was already decided (???).
I think that maybe there's not even a real prize, only an attraction (???).

Or it is so...or... Wins always the POPULARITY, doesn't matter if the doll is beautiful or not, if it respect parameters of judgment or not, if is an hard work or not... and so on, doesn't matter... "Who is the Artist? Oh Is she/he? Ok she/he is the Winner! It's Decided!!"

I don't understand.
I feel cheated.
I don't seen the other entries yet, but I've made a comparison with mine...and you can do exactly the same thing...

I've realized a big project with:

.2 Books;
.a Written Diary;
.a Cup of leaves with liquid and straws;
.a leaf as pen;
.a Ladybug;


_ A Complex and Global Scene...

_ and a FAIRY with a costume, with a face, feet and hands... that I think is not a Monster... or not?

My Creation tells a Story.

Then... my hard work, where I spent many hours and days on design and workmanship, not worth anything? Good to know that.

So why should I participate if the winner is always already decided regardless?
Can you tell me that??

This is a GREAT...GREAT...GREAT... DISAPPOINTMENT and not 'cause I'm not the Winner, I hope this is clear, but 'cause there was not an honest Judgment based on the real parameters required.

venerdì 30 luglio 2010

Lilybel...To the Shade of a Mushroom!!

Ok...this is a new Fairy.
Parteciping to a Forum Contest: "Summer Fairy".

Lilybel is writing her Diary with a leaf and is reading some books, to the shade of a mushroom ...and a ladybird is climbing on it.
This is the Special Summer of Lilybel!



giovedì 8 luglio 2010

Alice...The Best Way to Hat!!! ^__-

Ok...I'm parteciping at ADO Blog Event:

This is my Alice...on the Hat!
The Hat misures 22 cms and Alice 13 cms (on her knees)...

I hope you like this Big Creation ...
I'm posting only some images but there are many photos to the web page, so if you will want to see them all...please click to the link Below!!


Thank you so much for Watching...let me know something about!!
*Many Hugs to Everyone* ^___-

martedì 22 giugno 2010

Penny The Ghost Bride - Dreaming a True Love*

Finally... I've finished to manage the photos of this Big Creation...
Here is Penny...
I've made sooooo many photos and it was an hard work to choose them and make the expo pages ...

Little Curiosity: The tiles are made one by one and applied to the Wall and on the Floor... one by one...

ITA: Finalmente posso postare l'ultima "Grossa" Creazione...Ecco Penny, la Sposa Cadavere "Sognando un Vero Amore"...

Ho fatto moltissime foto ed è stato un lavoraccio creare le pagine d'esposizione. Oltre alla pagina del lavoro Completato, ho inserito anche quella dei Dettagli e del Work in Progress.

Piccola Curiosità: le mattonelle sono state fatte una ad una ed applicate al muro ed al pavimento una ad una!

Penny The Ghost Bride... All photos here....

Penny.... more Details Pics

Penny...Work in Progress Pics....

domenica 13 giugno 2010

3D POSES SHOP... ^__^

I've updated the section of the Site .. 3D Poses, new updates coming soon ....

ITA: Ho aggiornato la Sezione del Sito...Pose 3D, prossimamente saranno previsti nuovi aggiornamenti....

You can buy a 3D Pose Set visit my 3D Pose Shop:

or on



domenica 6 giugno 2010

Morgan...Butterfly' Spirit #25

I've made this Fairy Doll for my Mom...she was very happy to receive it and...she loves her!....

ITA: Ho creato questa Fatina per mia mamma...è stata molto felice di riceverla e se n'è innamorata... ^^

To view more photos about Morgan...Click here!

mercoledì 2 giugno 2010

Eyes Experiments...

About 2 weeks ago I've made my new type of eyes following a tutorial that includes the use of a UV lamp and UV gel too... these are the results....I will use them for my next dolls, hoping on a good effect for their expressions... ^___-'

ITA: circa 2 settimane fa ho realizzato i miei nuovi occhi seguendo un tutorial che prevede l'uso della lampada a UV e relativo gel. Questi che posto sono i risultati ottenuti... Userò questi occhi per le prossime dolls, sperando di ottenere un buon effetto nelle loro espressioni ^___-'

Priscilla...Queen of the Sea! #24

Simply to introduce her without too many words.... Priscilla is a sweet Mermaid is looking for a family.
Infact actually is on My Etsy store...

ITA: Semplice presentarvela...senza troppe inutili parole. Priscilla non è altri che una dolce Sirena...che attualmente cerca famiglia, la potete trovare infatti anche nel mio negozietto Etsy...

To view more photos about Priscilla....Click here!

Anya....& the White Flower! #23

Anya is a sweet wild fairy..nearly infatuated with the sweet fragrance of the White Flower.

ITA: Anya è una piccola e selvatica fatina...attirata, rapita dalla dolce fragranza del Fiore Bianco...

To view more photos about Anya...Click here!

Vivienne & The Puppet Theatre.... BJD ^^'

She represents a Broken Doll and more precisely a puppet with the wires: 2 on her hands and 2 dropped down.
She has on her body cuts and cracks, crooked limbs and is staying on a small stage.
I've made her inspiring me to the Ball Jointed Dolls. I love this type of dolls and it was from a long time that I wanted to create one of them.
It was a really long and demanding work (for her base too )
I hope she can likes you! ^__^'

Parteciping to the IADR Contest April Show 2010 "Broken Doll" .

ITA: Vivienne rappresenta una Bambola rotta e più precisamente una marionetta con i fili: 2 sono sulla mano e 2 sono caduti.
Sul corpo ha crepe e tagli, giunture rotte ed è sita su un piccolo palchetto.
L'ho creata ispirandomi alle Ball Jointed Dolls. Amo questo tipo di bambole ed era da molto tempo che volevo crearne una così.
E' stato un lavoro piuttosto lungo ed impegnativo (per la base anche).
Spero che vi piaccia! ^__^'

*Ha partecipato al contest di IADR di Aprile 2010 "Broken Doll"

To view more photos about Vivienne...Click here!!

Evangeline....XMas Goth Angel! #20

This is my #20 OOAK Creation, it always makes part of my Gothic series inspired to the Tim Burton' style.
She's standing on a big Cloud...

ITA: Questa è la mia 20a Creazione OOAK, è fa sempre parte della serie di bambole Gothic ispirate allo stile Tim Burton.
E' chiaramente un Angioletto in piedi su una grande Nuvola...

To view more photos about Evangeline...Click here!!

Ratman Vs RedBaron....Chess Match!! ^__^'

This is a commissioned artwork that I've made in December 2009...for a XMas gift, from my brother to his girlfriend which is a lover of these two characters. The idea base was a Chess match or similar and between the various proposals made by my brother, I've chosen that one exactly...The entire work is totally fruit of my imagination and creativity.

(....pssss...RedBaron is the winner as you can see! Poor Ratman... :P)

ITA: Questo è una creazione che ho fatto nel periodo di Natale 2009...per un regalo, da mio fratello alla fidanzata che è un'amante di questi due personaggi così famosi.

L'idea di base era appunto una partita a Scacchi o un'incontro/scontro simile...e tra le varie proposte fatte da mio fratello, ho scelto proprio questa...forniva simpatici spunti :)
L'intero lavoro è totalmente frutto della mia immaginazione e creatività.

(....pssss....Come potete vedere il Barone Rosso sta vincendo! Povero Ratman... :P)

To view more photos about Ratman Vs RedBaron...Click here!!

Wednesday Addams...Here Lies Pugsley!

Wednesday is including into my Gothic Dolls series... :blink:

She seems soooo innocent, but, in reality, she have just made a grave in memory of Pugsley (you know...brotherly tiffs ghgh) which instead is obviously live, and after to do that, she have used a shovel to bury her beloved Headless Doll "Marie Antoinette"...that infact lies in the hole just excavated. :P

Hope you like her and this strange scenary too..."Strange" for all of us, 'cause let me say that the Addams Family would be proud of me :LOL: :D

ITA: Mercoledì Addams fa sempre parte della mia serie di bambole Gothic...ispirate a Tim Burton....

Sembra così innocente, ma, in realtà, ha appena fatto una tomba in ricordo di Pugsley (sapete com'è ...bisticci fraterni ghgh), il quale invece è ovviamente vivo e vegeto. Dopodichè ha usato una pala per seppellire la sua amata Bambola senza testa "Maria Antonietta"....che infatti giace nel buco appena scavato.

Spero che Mercoledì vi piaccia ed anche questo strano scenario...Si "Strano" per tutti noi...perchè lasciatemi dire che la Famiglia Addams sarebbe senz'altro orgogliosa di me! :D ahahah...

To view more photos about Wednesday here!

Isabel...Victorian Mermaid! #17

Isabel is a Mermaid with a special hairstyle... infact she's a Victorian Mermaid... :P

To view more photos about Isabel... click here!

LilyRose...Baby Fairy on a Leaf!

LilyRose is only the second one baby that I've made until now.
Her name is LilyRose, a little Flower Fairy, she's stretched out on a big Leaf sorrounded by some other little leaves and berries...

ITA: LilyRose è solo il secondo baby che abbia fatto sin'ora.
E' una piccola Fata/Fiore, si sdraiata su una grande foglia circondata da piccole foglie e bacche...

To view more photos about here

LunaMay & Rag Doll Flyx...Halloween Time! #15

This is an OOAK Gothic Sculpture and it will be part of a long series of dolls inspired by the Tim Burton' Style. Infact actually I've got some other w.i.p. that I'm making into this way.

However, She's name is LunaMay (Luna = Moon). She's sitting on a big Pumpkin surrounded by stones and foliage. There's also her beloved rag doll cat "Flyx". Flyx is a very old rag doll, kept together thanks to a lot of patches and seams, with buttons as eyes...but LunaMay loves Flyx so much and she does never separate from him.

Made on October 2009... and it is my #15 OOAK

ITA: Questa è una OOAK Gothic Doll e fa parte di una lunga serie (spero) di bambole ispirate allo stile di Tim Burton. Infatti ho altri lavori all'attivo improntati su questo stile.

Comunque, il suo nome è LunaMay. Siete su una grossa Zucca ed è circondata da pietre, muschio e fogliame. C'è anche il suo amato ed ormai usurato pupazzo, il Gattino "Flyx". Flyx è davvero vecchio, tenuto insieme da pezze e cuciture, con bottoni come occhi... ma LunaMay ama Flyx tantissimo e non separarsi mai da lui....

E' la mia 15a OOAK, creata in Ottobre del 2009

To View More photos about LunaMay click here

Cute Doll & Sweet Bear.... in Country Style!

Since when I was child I have always loved to create, to that times there were not or I didn't perhaps know about the existence of fimo & co... but there was the airdry Das, Salt clay and so on... It was funny and I use still this type of clays for my creations.

This Doll and the bear too are made with the Salt Pasta...and I've made them 2 years ago...

ITA: Sin da quando ero bambina ho sempre amato creare, all'epoca non c'erano o io almeno non sapevo dell'esistenza di fimo & in compenso c'erano le paste che si asciugavano all'aria, come il Das o la pasta di sale e così via... Era divertente ed io uso ancora questo tipo di paste nelle mie creazioni.

Questa Bambolina e l'Orsetto sono fatti con la pasta di sale e poi ho realizzati un paio di anni fa... ^^'

Rany & Ronfy....Just Married!

This time is the turn of a little female Frog... Rany is her name and of a Bear ...Ronfy ...What strange couple, but are not they tender together? I think so! ^__^'

ITA: Questa volta è il turno di una Ranocchietta chiamata Rany e di un Orso chiamato Ronfy...che strana coppia!!! Ma in fondo... non sono teneri insieme? Io penso di si! ^__^'

Peter & Wendy...Just Married!

Another WCT...commissioned.
This Time the bridegrooms are identified in the two Disney' s characters. I was funny to do them. ^^'

ITA: Questa volta gli sposi sono rappresentati da due conosciutissimi personaggi Disney. E' stato divertente farli. ^^'