sabato 3 marzo 2012

Sweet Fanta-Babies! ^__^


Oggi riesco ad aggiornare anche il blog...
Sono arrivati i miei Babies!! Anche loro fanno parte di quelle molte creazioni che non ho potuto postare in questi mesi, infatti li ho realizzati in Novembre scorso...
Spero Vi piacciano!


Today I can update also this blog... yeyh!
My Babies are arrived also here! Them are also part of those many creations made in these latest months. I've created them on November...

She's Yue... A little Angel sleeping on the Moon!

He's Tinder... Little Pixie sleeping on the shade of a Mushroom!

He's Dudley... Little Pixie sleeping on a Bed of Leaves!

She is Lily... Little Flower Pixie!

3 commenti:

So Dark So Cute ha detto...

Yue is my favorite! But they're all very beautiful!

So Dark So Cute ha detto...

Are you selling these cuties? I'm sure a lot of people want to have one!

LunaMay ha detto...

Hi my Donna Sweety!! Thank you very much, I'm so glad you like them ^O^'. Yes they are on sale.
Hugs my Friend! xoxo