martedì 1 febbraio 2011

The Snaffles© - Ami & Kiby in the Fields of Pumpkins

Hi There...
This is my New serie of Dolls, I called it "The Snaffles©".
The Snaffles© are a community, a small tribe that comes from an unknown planet and live in a place into my Fantasy Forest. It's a United and peaceful tribe, but hidden from the other populations, they prefer so. ^__^

I've Started to do them in November but they are so hidden that I forgot to introducing them to you, ssst ... I managed to capture them in an intimate moment between Mother (Ami) and daughter (Kiby) in a little field of pumpkins.... ♥

5 commenti:

Ascension ha detto...

Me encantan estos "nuevos seres" que has descubierto.
Unas calabazas perfectas para descansar de su vijae.
besitos ascension

So Dark So Cute ha detto...

They are lovely! You've really made something special! ;-)
Are you going to sell them?

LunaMay ha detto...

@Ascensión...Gracias querida está realmente muy amable. Me alegro de que te gusta de estos nuevos weenie...
Besitos!! <3 ^__-

@So Dark so Cute... Thank you Sweety!!! I'm so happy you like them!
I don't know if I will going to sell them...
Usually I prefer to keep the first one of a serie... However I will made surely some others of this type... ^__-

Hugs! <3

So Dark So Cute ha detto...

Hahaha! Yes, i know what you mean. I make a serie of bunnyhunnys now and i like to keep one of them :-) I also made a little boy bear costume and somebody wants to buy him,but i want to keep him for myself! How do i get rich? haha!
You can see them on my latest blogpost.
I also started an Etsy shop with someone else from the USA. I live in Holland, and i don't have a creditcard. Its not normal here to have one,but in the USA everybody got one or more. To start an Etsy shop i needed a creditcard,but the one i have the shop with,used his card ;-) So i'm very happy!

LunaMay ha detto...

bunnyhunnys?!?! O_____O'.... a bear costume?!? I want to see them all absolutely!!!
Aw don't you use credit card in Holland?! Wow I don't knew that! Yes in USA it's really used, here in Italy too.
I wish you all the best with your new shop honey!!!... you deserve it!!! ^__-