martedì 9 agosto 2011

New Characters into My *Pecurella Collection©* ^__^'

Hi There!
I want to show you some new characters and colors from my *Pecurella Collection©*
Also two Rams are arrived in this Happy Company of sheeps!

These are very lazy sheeps... Lol... but sooo sweet and funny!
Hoping you like them all! ^___^

This is Billie-Blues©, he loves very much to sleep and dream, allowing to be cradled by the music!

This is Pinky-Fux©, is a very sweet sheep, she loves to take some relax among the flowers to the shadow of bigs Trees.

This is Danny-Sun©, is a solar and joyful Ram, on the grass under the Sun on the banks of the streams!

This is Lila-Lillà©, is a chic Sheep, she loves to be cured, clean and well brushed, likes to lie on grass dry after the rain!

Sleeping...All Together!! *___*'

3 commenti:

So Dark So Cute ha detto...

Laura, they are incredible! I love then all so very very much! Big hugs from Donna xxx

So Dark So Cute ha detto...

I love them all so very much Laura! THey make me smile and laugh and giggle :-) xxx Donna

LunaMay ha detto...

ghgh :P Thank you so much Donna sweetie! I'm very happy you like them and above of all that they make you have fun!!! ^___- .*Hugs*