lunedì 1 agosto 2011

*Pecurella Collection©* by Fantasy & Dreams... Only the Originals! ^O^'

ENG: Here are my Sheep *Pecurelle* ... the Unique and Originals (since 2006)... Beware from imitations ^__-

After the recent event I add also a bigger version of my sheep so you can see for good the design. These are figurines tall about 8 cms, always made in polymer clay, painted and finished by hand. *The Pecurella* sit on the lawn, surrounded by flowers or by hearts, all in a little bit Country Style ^__^.
The first sheep is blue, so inspired by the colors of my logo, then there is the brown beige version, the classic white and obviously can not miss the black Pecurella ... (about the latter two, as you saw in the previous post, there is the pendant version).
Hope you like them! ^_^

ITA: Eccole qui le mie *Pecurelle* ...le Uniche ed Originali... diffidate dalle imitazioni :DDD
Dopo il recente avvenimento posto anche la versione ingrandita così si vede per bene il design.
Queste sono vere e proprie statuine alte 8 cm, fatte sempre in pasta polimerica, dipinte e rifinite a mano.
Le Pecurelle siedono sul prato, alcune circondate da fiori ed altre da cuoricini, tutto in stile un pò Country.
La prima è azzurra ispirata ai colori del mio Logo, poi c'è la versione beige marroncina, la classica bianca ed ovviamente non può mancare la Pecurella nera... (di queste ultime due come avete visto nel post precedente c'è anche la versione ciondolo).
Spero possano piacerVi. ^__^'

This is Blupie-Bluem© the Mascotte of Fantasy & Dreams!!

This is Benjie-Brown©, he's the most timid of the group, he loves tranquility and little darlings!

She's the sweet Blanchette-Bell©, so cute and elegant in all her whiteness!

She's Blacky-Liù©, is the most pleasely and lively of the group, she always comes across in some new adventure!

.... All Together in...Happy Company! ^_^

2 commenti:

So Dark So Cute ha detto...

OoOoh! I love these little sheeps! It looks very nice with funny colors. Maybe you can make a pink or yellow? Or all the colors of the rainbow :-)

LunaMay ha detto...

Thank you sweetie!! I'm very glad you like them... Yeah I will certainly do other sheeps in some different colors... pink and yellow will be the first of the list! ^__-